Saturday, July 18, 2009

♥First Blog Ever!♥

Okay everybody,I ave created a blog. I will try to blog as much as I can,with lots of pictures hehe ^__^. Today I did nothing,as usual. But when stuff happens,I'll be sure to keep you guys updated and stuff. Well,since this is my first post,I may as well introduce myself.

Hi,I'm Tyra. I live in Jacksonville,Florida and I have lived here my whole life. I love animals. I have5 pets. One is a fish named Renji,and here is a picture of him.

He's a Male Crowntail Betta fish. I named him Renji because his red tail made me think of Renji Abarai,a charcter from bleach.

I also have a kitty and 3 dogs,but unfortunately,I don't have any pics of them yet :(. But, As soon as I get the pics,I will uplaod an image of them.

Okay back on subject,another one of my hobbies is styling hair. I think that hairstyling is a form of art. You can create all kinds of different styles and looks. I don't waste all my money on hairstyling tools,but it's a fun hobby to indulge in! I also like to text and hang out with friends,my average texts are about 1,000 a month at least.I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kawaii fashion. If you don't know what kawaii fashion is, please click on this link : This site will help you alot if you don't know what kawaii fashion is. I am also inspired by decora,but not something i would wear in public.

That's pretty much what I'm all about. (I know. I'm pretty lame right?) By the way if you dont know what I look like,here is a picture.

i love this pic because it looks professional and it really wasnt.

Well,that was just a little introduction for you guys. I'm tired. Bai-Bai ^__^